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Smart Automation

Turn lights on automatically as you enter a room or have full control of lighting and dimming from your smart device. Power consuming devices are only on when needed and turn off automatically to reduce energy usage. Automatically adjust heating when leaving home or control heating remotely to ensure a comfortable return. Let our system monitor and control all aspects of your home to ensure endless total comfort and safety.

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Multiroom Audio/Video

Watch or listen to your favourite content from any room in the house all controlled centrally from your mobile device. Whether it's multiple rooms of music or video, an immersive home cinema experience or a mixture of both, our system has you covered.

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Smart Security

Ensure the safety of your family and belongings by managing and monitoring your security system from anywhere with live alerts and video feeds to your smart phone. Unlock your doors from a keypad or answer your door and gate from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Remotely allow entry to easily control who has access to your home.

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Internet and WiFi

We ensure your internet connectivity is as fast and secure as possible by providing full WiFi coverage throughout your entire home. We maximise speed and connectivity to the internet to ensure you are receiving the full benefits of your fibre connection. We can offer you the latest in WiFi technology from some of theleading brands in the market

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We've partnered with a group of leading technologies from around the world to create the best smart home system available