Control anything from everywhere

The best smart home and security system available

Smart Lighting

Turn lights on automatically as you enter a room or have full control of lighting and dimming from your mobile phone


Ensure the safety of your family and belongings by managing and monitoring the alarm from anywhere

Anywhere Monitoring

Remotely monitor your home with live video feeds to your mobile phone or tablet

Climate Control

Automatically adjust heating when leaving home or control heating remotely to ensure a comfortable return

Keyless Entry

Unlock your door from a keypad or mobile phone. Change or disable codes remotely to control who has access to your home


Watch or listen to your favourite content from any room in the house all controlled centrally from your mobile device

Energy Efficiency

Power consuming devices are only on when needed and turn off automatically to reduce energy usage

Ease and Simplicity

Let our system monitor and control all aspects of your home to ensure endless total comfort and safety

Wireless Non-invasive Installation

Installed easily into an existing home without the need for invasive and costly cabling



Options Include

Options Include

√ Remote Smartphone Control
 Email and Smartphone Notifications
√ Intrusion & Fire Protection
√ Wireless Video Monitoring
√ Digital Door Locks
Intelligent Lighting Control
Remote Appliance Control
Intelligent Heating Control
Automated Blinds Opening/Closing
Automated Windows Opening/Closing
Automated Garden Sprinkler Control
Multiroom Audio/Video
Energy Monitoring
√ Remote Smartphone Control
 Email and Smartphone Notifications
√ Intrusion & Fire Protection
√ Wireless Video Monitoring
√ Digital Door Locks
√ Intelligent Lighting Control
√ Remote Appliance Control
√ Intelligent Heating Control
√ Automated Blinds Opening/Closing
√ Automated Windows Opening/Closing
√ Automated Garden Sprinkler Control
√ Multiroom Audio/Video
√ Energy Monitoring



Future proof modular system

Lets you install, update and upgrade as your budget or requirements allow

Our security solutions keep your family safe at home, while protecting your valuables when you are away.

Seamless integration with existing devices

The system integrates and controls otherwise isolated devices bringing them together in a singular and easily operated ecosystem

Our smart home solutions get your home working for you, letting you focus on the things that really matter.

How do we get started?

If you’re ready for a home security or smart home solution that is tailored to meet your needs, here’s how we get started