Smart Home Solutions


Digihome integrates Fibaro smart home solutions including; lighting control, climate control, automated blinds, automated windows, energy efficiency and remote monitoring.

Smarthome Automation

The best smart home system available



Multiroom Audio/Video

Smart Security

Internet and WiFi

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Lighting Control

Turn lights on automatically as you enter a room or have full control of lighting and dimming from your smart device. Use single buttons to set pre-defined lighting levels in key areas. Have all of your lights turn off when going to bed or leaving the house. Enable lighting to turn on and off at certain times when you are away from home to ensure your home is always safe and secure.

Ease and Simplicity

Have your gate automatically open when you drive into the driveway. Ensure your heating and appliances turn themselves off when you leave the house. Enable blinds to automatically open and close in the morning and evening whether you are home or away. Allow windows & skylights to open when its hot and close when it rains. Or simply use your voice to control anything you wish. We are able to automate almost any scenario in your home..

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Climate Control

Automatically adjust heating when leaving home or control heating remotely to ensure a comfortable return. Let our system monitor and control all aspects of your home to ensure endless total comfort and safety. Our system measures environmental conditions both inside and outside of your home to ensure the temperature is always set just right to keep your home warm, comfortable and healthy.



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Energy Efficiency

Measure power consumption per device or for your entire home. Appliances are only on when needed and turn off automatically to reduce energy usage. Heated towel rails are on only before and after you shower. Heating adjusts and other devices turn off automatically when you leave the house.

Seamless Integration

Have your security system turn off lights, televisions and heating when you leave home or send you an alert with camera images when the alarm is breached. Have a single button to open blinds, control lights and turn on the morning news. Dim lights, close blinds and pre-set media channels when watching a movie. Or simply control everything from your voice. The options are endless.